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Introducing the Indium Infuser: 
The Future of IoT Energy Solutions.

A tailored energy solution for sensor manufacturers

Empowering IoT with the Indium Infuser:

In a world rapidly weaving itself into the Internet of Things (IoT), the role of sensor-driven devices has become indispensable. They are the digital heartbeat pulsating through industries as varied as agriculture, oil and gas, logistics, and beyond. Yet, a formidable challenge stands in the way: powering these devices sustainably and efficiently, especially in remote or challenging environments. Read More...

The Indium Advantage

The Indium system represents a breakthrough in sustainable power management for Internet of Things (IoT) sensor systems. By intelligently leveraging solar energy, Indium substantially extends the lifespan of sensors, minimizes their power demands, and reduces overall operational costs, all while contributing to environmental sustainability. Read More...

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Key Features

Our Indium Infuser isn't just a solution; it's a strategic partner. It saves you the valuable time and resources required to implement a power harvesting solution from scratch. Our offering is non-invasive, blending seamlessly with your existing setup.

Erik Brisson


Element 4 Technologies

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Competitive Advantage


How the Indium Works

the Indium series, our state-of-the-art solar energy harvesting solutions designed to provide efficient power management for IoT sensor systems. The Indium series includes three versions: PowerBoost, PowerMax, and PowerEase, each tailored to meet diverse energy requirements and integration preferences.

At its core, the Indium system leverages solar energy intelligently to significantly extend the lifespan of sensors, minimize their power demands, and reduce overall operational costs, all while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Indium integrates seamlessly with existing sensors, allowing sensor manufacturers to enhance their products without having to invest in significant power management implementation. While the PowerBoost and PowerMax versions allow for more invasive integration, providing sensor companies with more control, the PowerEase version stands apart with its unique feature – an onboard Microcontroller Unit (MCU).

Indium Versions

Whether you need an external version of the indium or within your enclosure, or for that matter, on your existing PCB, Element 4 Provides three versions, based on your power requirements, level of control, environment and ease of implementation.


Indium PowerBoost

Focused on offsetting power-intensive transmission events, PowerBoost is engineered for sensor systems where transmission events drive the majority of power consumption.


Indium PowerMax

An advanced energy harvesting solution, PowerMax powers both the transmission events and the entire sensor system. This version is designed for sensor systems with moderate power consumption operating in environments abundant in ambient energy sources.


Indium PowerEase

A user-friendly, non-invasive approach to energy harvesting, PowerEase includes a proprietary MCU that monitors and manages power availability during transmission events. This version is the perfect choice for clients looking for an easy-to-integrate, non-invasive solution.

Each version of the Indium Power Pack Solution is testament to Element 4’s commitment to delivering flexible, efficient, and user-friendly power harvesting solutions. Choose the Indium version that aligns best with your needs, and experience the benefits of our cutting-edge energy harvesting technology.


Indium Solar Films

Element 4's understanding of Industrial IoT, and its unique needs when it comes to environment, we have incorporated three cutting-edge custom solar films that thrive in light conditions, from as low as 50 lux to fully optimized at 100,000 lux.

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Outdoor Flex

Boasting power numbers of 180mW at 3.6V and a current of 50mA, our thin-film amorphous silicon flexible solar module film is perfectly suited to collect direct sunlight and indirect light in shady areas

LL200-3.6-75 Indoor Light Series Electronic Component Solar Panel (300 x 297).webp

Indoor Low Light Flex

Our thin-film amorphous silicon flex panel is specially designed for indoor settings such as warehouses, offices and retail spaces.  Driving significant power as low as 200 lux with power at 0.289mW at an operating voltage of 1.6V. 

Ultra Low Light OPV

Utilizing a specialized version of bleeding-edge technology from Dracula Technologies in Paris, France, converts ambient light, natural or artificial, with its best performance coming from 1 to 1000 lux! Made with a patented organic ink and a minimum 10 year life span.


Nanoprecise, a leader in providing IoT sensor solutions for industrial equipment health monitoring, encountered challenges with the inconsistent cellular network strength affecting the battery lifespan of their sensors. The existing reliance on traditional power sources posed issues related to operational efficiency, maintenance costs, and environmental impact.

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Use Case: Nanoprecise


The Problem

With cellular network inconsistencies, Nanoprecise's sensors often required battery replacements earlier than the projected lifespan of five years. This led to increased maintenance efforts, costs, and potential downtime, affecting both Nanoprecise and its clients. Furthermore, the finite lifespan and disposal of batteries posed an environmental concern.


The Solution

Element 4 Technologies proposed an energy-harvesting solution using the Indium PowerEase technology, designed to seamlessly integrate with Nanoprecise's existing IoT sensor infrastructure. The technology focused on improving power management, energy harvesting, and energy storage capabilities of the sensors, resulting in extended operational lifespan and reduced maintenance costs.

Customized Energy Harvesting Board


This board housed an advanced solar film module, efficient in both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions, along with our proprietary energy conversion chip and essential components.

Optimized Charging Scheme 

We collaborated with Nanoprecise to develop a charging scheme using a load switch to limit battery usage, ensuring efficient energy management.

Validation and Testing



Rigorous testing was conducted under various lighting and environmental conditions. Field trials at different customer sites validated the performance and reliability of our energy harvesting technology.


The Outcome

With the integration of the Indium PowerEase technology, Nanoprecise achieved notable improvements in sensor technology:


  • Extended Sensor Lifespan: Achieved self-sustaining battery life for outdoor sensors and extended indoor sensor life by at least 20%.

  • Reduced Maintenance Requirements: The longer sensor life reduced maintenance needs and associated costs.

  • Environmental Impact: By reducing reliance on traditional power sources, Nanoprecise adopted a more environmentally friendly solution.

  • Competitive Advantage: The enhanced performance and lifespan of the sensors increased Nanoprecise's competitiveness in the IoT sensor technology market.


By choosing Element 4 Technologies' Indium PowerEase, Nanoprecise could tackle power management challenges effectively, ensuring improved operational efficiency and sustainability of their products, which in turn led to enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth.

Are your customers experiencing some of these problems?


Frequent Battery Replacement

IoT devices often operate in remote or hard-to-reach places. Changing batteries frequently is not just inconvenient but also costly in terms of labor and downtime. The Indium Infuser, by extending the battery life of IoT sensors, minimizes the frequency of battery replacement, thereby reducing maintenance costs and effort.


Unreliable Power Supply

Depending on the location, IoT devices may not have access to a reliable power supply. This lack of power can lead to sensor downtime and data loss, leading to sub-optimal decisions. The Indium Infuser provides a reliable source of power by harnessing available light, even in low-light conditions.


Sustainability Concerns

With increasing awareness about environmental sustainability, many organizations are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Traditional power solutions for IoT devices often rely on non-renewable energy sources, which contribute to carbon emissions. The Indium Infuser uses a renewable energy source - light - thereby promoting a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution.


Dependence on Grid Power

In some areas, grid power may not be available or reliable, limiting the deployment of IoT solutions. Solar power solutions often depend on sunlight and are not effective in low-light or indoor conditions. The Indium Infuser, with its unique ability to harvest light from as low as 50 lux, can operate effectively indoors and in other low-light conditions, making it versatile and adaptable to various deployment scenarios.


Operational Costs

IoT networks often involve a significant number of devices, and the operational costs can be substantial. These include the costs of energy consumption, maintenance, and equipment replacement. By enhancing the energy efficiency and durability of IoT devices, the Indium Infuser can help organizations achieve significant cost savings.

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