Sensor Disruption

Revolutionizing energy capture and containment with industrial sensors that are affordable, modular and autonomous.


element 4 produces autonomous, energy-independent, modular sensor technology that is adaptable to any environment.


'e4' is a ‘core’ or ‘foundation’ component, capable of operating on its own with a core set of sensors, as well as with the assistance of ‘sub-modules’ to add sensing specific to industry needs.

The e4 sensor houses a low-power processor, data storage and transmission and energy harvesting technologies. The sensor hosts a list of core sensors, including location, temperature, acceleration, air quality, and others. element 4’s solution is battery free, low cost, and applicable in an array of industries.

Zero Batteries

Utilizing a unique process, element 4 is able to store energy efficiently and within temperatures that lithium batteries can't match. Our process is better for the environment and lasts up to three times as long as a standard rechargeable  betteries.

Adaptive Energy Harvesting

element 4 utilizes cutting edge components to maximize power harvested through solar, thermoelectric, piezoelectric and RF, leveraging one or all four based on the environment.

Modular & Simple

Sub-modules with new functionality magnetically attach to the core module, immediately sending data and receiving power.

AI (Machine Learning)

Most analytics provide data during or after the fact.

By leveraging Machine Learning models, element 4 can provide necessary data to predict future events.

'Ability to solve problems you didn't know existed.'

- element 4

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